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Rupert Carrington, daughter of the steel king of America. She was stabbed through the heart and robbed of several hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry. But who killed her? The jealous husband? The passionate lover? Or was it someone else entirely… The Affair at the Victory Ball.

Two people died on the same night — one by overdose of cocaine, the other by stabbing. They were both in attendance at the sumptuous Victory Ball the eve of their murder. Is there any other connection between their deaths? The Market Basing Mystery. Poirot and Hastings are enjoying a little weekend holiday with Inspector Japp when Constable Pollard informs them that a man, one Walter Protheroe, has shot himself. At least, the doors were locked and the windows bolted. But the doctor attending the case is being obstinate. The legend goes that a curse was placed on the Lemesurier family — that no firstborn son will ever inherit.

And none ever has. But when a new rash of firstborn deaths breaks out in the Lemesurier family, Poirot does not believe that it is the curse at work. No, it is the work of a cold-blooded murderer. The Cornish Mystery. By her husband. Was it at the hands of the husband? Or is there more to this case than meets the eye? The King of Clubs. A woman burst into the Oglander home, crying that a man had been murdered in the home next door.

The woman was the beautiful dancer, Valerie Saintclair, and the man, Henry Reedburn, was the man she feared most in the world… The Submarine Plans. Lord Alloway had devised the perfect scheme to catch Mrs. Conrad, the suspected German agent. His plan was to lure her to his home as a guest, then let it be known that important submarine plans were lying in his study. That was before the plans disappeared and no one witnessed the robbery… The Adventure of the Clapham Cook. Todd wants Monsieur Poirot to find her cook. Not a new one — the old one who disappeared on Wednesday.

Poirot hesitatingly agrees — the disappearance of the domestic is not a case which he usually accepts, but he is intrigued. His intrigue soon turns to concern as he investigates the disappearance of the Clapham Cook… Discussion. So, read the full-length novel before experiencing the twist in this shorter story.