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Rabbis rejected this practice, both because it resembled the contemporary non-Jewish style and because it was immodest, in their eyes, for a woman to sport a beautiful head of hair, even if it was a wig. However, the wig practice took hold and, perhaps ironically, it is common today in many Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox communities.

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In some of these communities the custom is for women to wear an additional covering over their wig, to ensure that no one mistakes it for natural hair. Despite rabbinic opinions to the contrary, these women thought of hair covering as a matter of custom and culture.

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Many women who continue to cover their hair do not do so for the traditional reason of modesty. For example some women view head covering as a sign of their marital status and therefore do not cover their hair in their own home. Others wear only a small symbolic head covering while showing much of their hair. Also in many communities, women have persisted in covering their hair only in synagogue.

Modesty , as a Jewish value, is continually being refined and redefined by Jewish women and their communities. Just as some women have chosen to deemphasize hair covering as a marker of modesty, in other communities women may choose to embrace it, developing and reinforcing a more traditional communal norm. As modesty is subjectively defined, the community to which one wishes to belong may play a large role in determining practice. Pronounced: khah-SID-ik, Origin: Hebrew, a stream within ultra-Orthodox Judaism that grew out of an 18th-century mystical revival movement.


Comprised of the Mishnah and the Gemara, it contains the opinions of thousands of rabbis from different periods in Jewish history. Changing trends in the use or non-use of a head covering in synagogue has been an indicator of changing relations with the surrounding community. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you. I was about to start high school and was afraid of the teasing that would ensue.

How could I not be a teenage girl who just lost her mother a few years prior and not stress about losing my hair!?! I found cunning ways to cover it up. While my friends thought I was just being cool going natural, my bald spots were getting larger and harder to hide. They were becoming harder to cover.

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I eventually decided to shave my head with the encouragement from friends. I wore a beanie for a few weeks. I was diagnosed with totalis at Being diagnosed with universalis at 26 was the next step. I occasionally grow back wispy hairs and eyelashes here and there. The occasional sinus or ear infection plagues you. I deal with it by keeping my skin well moisturized and I trim the occasional errant hair. Exfoliating is also part of my weekly regimen. Living in Texas, nothing is consistent. Not having nose hair or eyelashes to filter out the big bad allergens or dust definitely wrecks havoc on your daily life.

I try to stay on top of my allergy forecast. You never know! But above all, I know who I am. I rather you not jump to conclusions. Please ask me before assuming. I was in nursing school and had been losing a lot of hair in the shower. One day while pulling my hair up into a bun, I noticed a bald spot. One spot became two. Two became half my head. And within three days I was bald. They did several scalp biopsies and took a shocking amount of blood.

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They told me I had alopecia areata. They said I was born with an autoimmune disease, and as a result my body attacks itself. One of the symptoms is alopecia.