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Outside of skateboarding, Templeton is a painter, graphic designer, and photographer, areas that he has gained a reputation without any formal training—the Photography Colleges website, in an article entitled "New School Photography: Ed Templeton", identifies Templeton as "probably the most influential contemporary photographer". Templeton is also a co-editor of ANP Quarterly , an arts magazine started in In a interview with The Huffington Post , Templeton clarified that his first art show was in and that he has "been skating, going on tours, painting in the studio and doing a show and sometimes a mixture of both.

Sometimes going on a tour and then leaving for a few days to go to my show", describing it as "chaos in a lot of ways. Templeton is a featured artist in "Beautiful Losers", a project that consisted of several elements: a touring art exhibit, a collected art book and a feature documentary film , all of which include the work of various contemporary artists. In , Templeton, along with members of the Toy Machine team, skated on a variety of purpose-built structures—including a car—at the base of the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center for the temporary showcase of Beautiful Losers.

Templeton's work and career are also subjects in the Beautiful Losers film. In , Templeton published Deformer —the culmination of eleven years of preparation and research, in which he explores the "incubator of suburban outskirts", Orange County, California; that is, the area in which he spent his formative years.

A documentary film, entitled Deformer , was also produced and released, featuring Templeton and the directorial work of Mike Mills ; Mills also collaborated with Templeton for the Beautiful Losers project. In early , Templeton released a book featuring a collection of photographs, entitled Teenage Kissers. In October , Templeton explained the origin of the project:.

Unlike many photo projects, the concept was an afterthought. But in this case I have always shot people kissing whenever I had the chance. I did a quick search of my archive and realized I had more than enough to do a show. So Teenage Kissers was conceived as a sister book to Teenage Smokers.

Consisting of sixty-eight photographs, [28] the show features Templeton's impressions of the people of Huntington Beach, California, US and ended on February 16, Actor, Neil Patrick Harris , who is reportedly an admirer of Templeton's photographic work, [13] attended the event and clothing brand, eswic, published a video segment that was filmed at the opening.

In regard to Templeton's photographic exploration of Russia, Moore explains: "Like litmus paper turning irreversibly red after it has been soaked in lemon juice, the photographs document the way that first impressions leave indelible marks upon our memory, shaping what follows. Templeton also stated that film is his preferred photographic medium and that he only uses digital photography for Instagram images.

The same interview also revealed that Templeton looks for "anything that illustrates the human existence" when shooting photographs. He spent a lot of time painting on photographs. But there have been a lot of people that have painted on photographs that I have enjoyed through the years. I like a lot of people that use photography in kind of non-traditional ways. With Peter Beard, that was kind of my entry as a young person. David Hockney is someone who, as a photographer, someone who I have really loved and opened my eyes a lot.

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Here, she looks into different types of labor activism. A final gallery displays two sculptures that explore the dilemma of low wages and high tuition in higher education. The New York-based painter and photographer has long played with the tropes of feminine beauty in works that seamlessly stir the alluring with the mildly grotesque.

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