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After all there is plenty of evidence to show that aliens, or travelers from space, have interacted with humans for thousands of years. The oldest known evidence of strange flying objects is from some cave paintings that were found in areas of Spain and France. Sometime around 12, B. Strangely enough, these caves were discovered in just a short time before the well known Roswell incident. Recently, a German scientist discovered a star map recorded within one of the cave drawings. Evidentally the cave dwellers were aware of the Pleiades Star cluster and had the knowledge needed to map it.

You can read more about these prehistoric star maps discovered in the Lascaux Caves. There are many other encounters that could be mentioned during the thousands of years that span from the cave paintings to Roswell and on to today. One thing that we can be sure of is that mankind's fascination with UFO's and space travelers began long before Roswell and even before the Industrial Age. No part of this story may be used without permission. Aliens on True Ghost Tales.

Who Were The Annunaki? The Kachina and the Extraterrestrial Connection. Ant People of the Hopi and the Annunaki. The Dogon a Connection with Ancient Astronauts? Puma Punku and the Ancient Alien Theory. Now, the easy part is over. Twilight has passed, the sun has set, and we are very much alone in a dense, dark forest. Or are we? We point our flashlights at misshapen trees — many here grow in zig-zag patterns or in spirals, a phenomenon which has not been plausibly explained by any of the scientists who have come to investigate.

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I ask Alex the creepiest thing that has happened to him on the tours. He once did an extended night tour, one-on-one, with a very morbid man who talked about his obsession with death, how he enjoyed being with people as they die, watching them die.

Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France

That was a long night for Marius. Alex and Marius are famous in Japan, where 20 million people watched a documentary about ghost-hunting in Hoia Bacu in We reach a tree that has grown in an arc. Perhaps this is the portal to another dimension. And now we emerge to see the skyline of Cluj-Napoca. There have been no aliens. No ghosts. No moments of fear, either — only a strange sense of fatigue experienced by another woman on the tour.

In November , Ben and I joined a New York producer and camera crew in the area to make a pilot for a possible television show. We found no activity at the farm at that point, but the entire property was well kept, and the fields mown. Since then, there has been substantial vehicular activity, the central farm buildings have been torn down and replaced with a huge, flat metal sheet of several thousand square feet, visible only from the air.

For some reason, the two silos have been left standing and repainted. The dirt road leading to the farm is sometimes closed, and the unexplained aerial activity continues and includes large, black, double-rotor freight aircraft. We have been unable to obtain any official confirmation that actual military activity was or is taking place, either by regular, National Guard or Reserve forces. And we have never been allowed to see the footage from the pilot, which produced no subsequent television show.

The question of the multiversal nature of paranormal phenomena aside, why the military activity in flap areas? Why would the research be centered in relatively populous areas such as the Ohio Valley; Suffolk, England, or central Connecticut? Perhaps because the researchers must go where the world intersects are. So why the manic secrecy and the military muscle in guarding such areas? Aside from keeping people guessing, throwing them off the scent and simply keeping them out, there might be a more visceral reason.

We live in a world where people long ago came to grips with the Klingons, ET and the Planet of the Apes. Rather than creating global panic and social collapse, the announcement of alien life, even alien visitors, might very well be greeted with enthusiasm. But only if that great assumption were confirmed: They come from some far-off planet.

Ghosts Demons UFO's and Dead Men by Philip Mitanidis, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Suppose these multiverse ideas are true and the government, or some other powerful entity, knows that our aliens — in every possible form and attitude — come from parallel worlds that are right next to us all the time, that all the demons and monsters of our darkest folklore are real in some form after all. That would surely be cause for panic and ample cause for secrecy, in my opinion.

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Perhaps Ben and I are wrong. In the meantime, Ben and I, and people like us, will continue to watch from the trenches. Copyright by Paul F. All rights reserved. Photo Gallery Good Spirits. Science Issues Writing Help Uncfaculty assembly. Originally built by the Dutch East India Company as a replenishment station for ships, the site also served as a military fortress and prison during the Second Boer War from Today, you can tour the fort's many rooms and buildings including the gruesome torture chamber but you might want to prepare yourself for a ghost sighting.

Back in the s, Governor Pieter van Noodt condemned several men to be hanged to death; one of the men cursed the governor from the gallows, and van Noodt died of a heart attack later that day. According to the Castle of Good Hope's official website , his ghost has been haunting the battlements ever since. Thomas Whaley built this family estate in , on the former site of San Diego 's first public gallows. Shortly after he moved in, he reported hearing the heavy footsteps of "Yankee" Jim Robinson, a drifter and thief who was hanged on the site four years before the house was built.

Whaley's family history ended up being filled with tragic deaths and suicides—many of which occurred inside the home itself. According to the Whaley House Museum , some of the family members still haunt the landmark, often accompanied by cigar smoke and the smell of heavy perfume.

Who Ya Gonna Call? The Problem with British Ghosthunting

This seemingly serene forest at the foot of Mount Fuji has a tormented past. Others point towards large underground deposits of iron, which interfere with compasses and make it easy to get lost. In fact, many hikers will mark their path with tape or string to make it easier to find their way back out again. Port Arthur began as a penal colony in , housing British convicts until it was abandoned in During those decades, the island—touted as "inescapable"—focused on correcting the inmates' morality, using methods like solitary confinement and mandatory church services.

The settlement has been a destination for curious tourists since the time of its abandonment, and was officially preserved as a historical site in Today, you'll find what the New York Times describes as "an impressive apparatus for remembering, complete with a ferry, interactive exhibit for children and well-trained guides. Much like Savannah, the entire city of Canberra seems to be a paranormal hotspot—especially when it comes to the buildings in the Parliamentary Triangle.

Hotel Kurrajong, a four-star hotel with some serious A-lister ghosts roaming its halls, is thought to house the ghost of former Prime Minister Ben Chifley, who died on the night of June 13, after suffering a heart attack in room His gray-suited ghost is known to appear in that same room from time to time, writes The Canberra Times.

Will Yoga Put People At Risk For Possible Spiritual Attachments?

And then there's the Old Parliament House itself, where security guards and cleaning staff have reported hearing their names whispered in the night. Dubbed one of the best hotels in the world by our editors, the five-star Taj Mahal Palace is located right in the heart of Mumbai.

Yet along with amazing views and interiors fit for a royal, one of the hotel's more macabre claims to fame is its aura of mystery. According to legend , the building's architect jumped to his death from the fifth floor after discovering the hotel was facing the wrong direction. His spirit now roams the halls, running into guests in the hallways and walking around the roof. During that time, it was the site of at least one murder, a sailor being crushed to death by a door in the engine room, and children drowning in the pool.

The city of Long Beach purchased the ship in and turned it into a hotel, and it still serves that purpose today—although the reported ghosts of the deceased passengers get to stay for free. For an extra dose of spine-tingling experiences, try and visit the ship's engine room, considered by many to be a "hotbed" of paranormal activity.

Ghosts are said to haunt the Oriental Theater formerly the Iroquois Theater in the Loop area of downtown Chicago, where almost people perished after a fire famously broke out in , writes Atlas Obscura. Even though the theater was completely rebuilt and rebranded, spirits of the dead remained: apparitions have been seen in "Death Alley," the street behind the theater where bodies were stacked after the disaster and a common stop on many a Chicago ghost tour.

Renovated in , Charleston's Dock Street Theatre is a beautiful downtown venue, hosting plays and concerts throughout the year. But the site has quite a tumultuous history, according to Charleston's official city website. Aside from a fire burning town the original theater in , the building suffered damage from an earthquake in and fell into abandon during the early 20th century.

To make matters even more spooky, a prostitute named Nettie Dickerson was supposedly struck by lightning while standing on the balcony in the mids, and her ghost is said to glide along the theater's second floor. The sprawling Queen Anne—style mansion—comprising four stories, rooms, 10, window panes, and 47 stairways—is appointed with curious elements, like staircases leading directly into the ceiling and windows opening onto secret passages.

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  • Originally built in , weird happenings have been noted in this parsonage since the s. The gray wooden structure now serves as a bed and breakfast in a rural area with snowmobiling, fishing, and Guests at Borgvattnet have claimed to hear footsteps, music, and the sound of three crying ladies coming from the inn—and the proprietors will reward you with a certificate that says you stayed through the night.

    Waiting for Ghosts

    With 7, rooms, Malaysia's First World Hotel makes sure it has something for everyone on its massive guest list. There's an indoor theme park for thrill seekers, a tropical rainforest for nature lovers, and even a touch of paranormal activity for ghost hunters. Most legends involve wandering ghosts of high-rolling gamblers who committed suicide after losing everything at the in-house casinos.

    After staying in the hotel, one TripAdvisor user gave a firsthand account of his spooky stay, warning of "unseen forces pressing onto your body while you're sleeping. Built in , England's Ancient Ram Inn has played many roles over the centuries: a former priest's residence, housing for masons and slaves, inn, and public house. It also happens to be one seriously haunted spot.