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She and Jake officially get back together.

Home of the Lions

In the second half of the episode, Clare apologizes to Jake for the quiz, and Jake apologizes to Clare for his answers. They decide to have sex while their parents are out, but after Clare mentions "forever", Jake rejects her and leaves the room before they can get that far.

The next morning they decide to break up, after realizing their relationship could never truly work out. After deciding that she no longer share a house with Jake, she comes up with a new plan to move in with her father. In Not Ready To Make Nice 2 , Clare feels like everyone in her life has rejected her-everyone except her new friend Summer, who still wants her to move in. Summer's easygoing attitude seems like exactly what Clare needs, but are these new living arrangements too good to be true? He says they must have fallen asleep talking on the phone the night before.

He asks if they're still on for their re-first date and she replies, "I said I was all in, didn't I? At school, Clare is talking to Alli in class about her and Eli's re-first date, when Ms. Oh makes an announcement to the class about Clare starting a Co-op today. Alli says to Clare that she'll have to cancel the re-first date. Clare goes to find Eli to tell him about the internship.

When she finds him, he tells her that he has tickets to an Arcade Fire concert that night. He says he figured that they probably needed a re-first song. She blurts out that she has her co-op to go to, and he seems disappointed. Clare hurriedly asks what time the concert is. He tells her it's. In Gives You Hell 1 , Eli throws away her bag lunch and tells her that he's taking her out to eat. While talking, they bring up Eli's play and he complains about having to do a partnership with "Little Miss Sunshine" Becky Baker. She tells him to try and cooperate with her. When she believes he still can't find a proper Juliet, she does a dance and sits next to him and he reveals his only problem is Becky.

She tells him he can make it through it and the two hold hands. When Alli confides her about her dilemma, Clare tells her that there's options abortion if she wants to get into MIT really bad. She is later seen at Alli's acceptance party, and is listed as one of Alli's supportive friends. Later, Clare holds Alli's hand when she finds out if she's pregnant or not.

In Closer to Free 2 , she is first seen speaking to Eli about the " StuffClareSays" Twitter trend where he tells her to just let it blow over. At the office, she is further embarrassed as Asher sees more of the tweets and sends her home until she can focus. Later at school, she is seen presenting her project at the front of the class with Adam and Connor. Upon the start, their teacher asks why she did not follow the rubric and Connor chews her out saying that they wanted to but she didn't let them.

The two argue and as Connor leaves, their teacher has them return to their seats. Later, she meets Adam and Connor at one of the computers to see that they, Dave, and K. She apologizes asking if she really sounds like that and they all make up, watching the video again. She comes back to the office to apologize to Asher and says she loves working there.

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He says he might have been too harsh and admits that he loves her working there also. In Waterfalls 1 , she is first seen walking to the front steps of the school with Alli and Eli when she texts Asher about getting her own story. The two try to calm her nerves when Asher calls to offer her to lunch and she accepts. At lunch, the two talk about her coming up with a new, exciting story that is newsworthy. After a few minutes, she pitches the idea of an article on her school's upcoming play, Romeo and Jules, and he becomes interested.

He says that they can run the story and says he'll drop by the school to get details from the director. In the auditorium, she talks with Eli as Asher comes in to make Clare get coffee. By the time she returns, he is done interviewing Eli and leaves, causing her to be upset that the story won't be correct with all the groundbreaking details and Eli tells her to ask Asher for permission to take over the story.

She chases Asher to his car and he agrees to let her type and email it to him, with a time limit of a few hours. At her house, she types while Eli waits and sends the article on time. At her first sign of a mistake, she runs out to the office where Asher is correcting it. She begins to cry saying that she failed him and he asks if she'd like to stay with him and fix it.

When they finish, he puts his arm around her and kisses her, causing her to run out, shocked. In Rusty Cage 2 , she is one of the people to meet K. She gets in a few words and then joins the group hug, then watches K. In Sabotage 1 , Clare is giving a presentation on her internship at the newspaper and hasn't told Ms. Oh that she was fired. Clare thinks she can prove that Asher is a danger by talking to past interns, but so far none of them have admitted to being assaulted by Asher.

Until she figures something out, she needs to hide at school and looks like she's still going to the newspaper. Clare finally gets in contact with Jennifer, one of Asher's former interns, but her phone conversation is interrupted by the hockey team taking over the storage room for their happy hour. Still, Clare manages to schedule a meeting with Jennifer.

Clare is meeting with her at The Dot and when Jennifer realizes that Clare is the intern that got fired, she bolts. Jennifer was the last intern Clare had on her list and Alli tries again to convince her to speak to Ms. Oh, but she still wants to find a way on her own to prove Asher is guilty. Frustrated, Clare crumples up her assignment on the newspaper and throws it in the garbage.

Mike Dallas sees her upset and invites her to join him in the storage room for a beer. This time, Clare accepts. Clare drunkenly unloads the Asher saga on Dallas, who responds by kissing Clare. To which Clare responds by slapping him. Drunk and barefoot walking down the hall, Clare runs into Jake and Katie kissing. They take her outside to the garden, where Clare unloads the Dallas saga. Katie and Jake fill Clare in on who they think ruined the garden and Clare gets an idea for a story. Eli finds Clare working on her story about Dallas and Luke trashing the garden and Eli begins to worry that his girlfriend is about to make some very big enemies.

Simpson calls Clare and Dallas into his office to get to the bottom of Clare's accusations. Dallas slips up and admits that the team was drinking beer. Clare gets detention for drinking on campus and Dallas gets a phone call to his coach. Jake and Katie are happy to see some justice served for the death of their garden, but when Dallas comes over he opens a can of worms.

A very mad Dallas walks up and tells Clare the starting line up has been benched for three weeks because of her article. Dallas also mentions that he kept 'her dirty secret' quiet and she should have done the same. Confused about Dallas' comment, Clare stammers and tells Eli that she was fired from her internship because she's not a good writer.

Unfortunately, Eli seems to believe her. In Sabotage 2 , it's her 17th birthday and Eli is throwing her a surprise party at Fiona's loft. At the party, Clare finds out that Eli went to Asher to get her job back and finds out why she really got fired. They don't get time to talk because Dallas and his hockey team crashed the party and gave her beer. Eli was going to leave because Clare wouldn't tell him what really happened with her and Asher, but Alli made him stay and talk to her and she finally opened up.

They return to the party and Jake and Eli are tired of the hockey team and start a massive fight. Imogen's confetti canon disturbed the fight and Fiona told Dallas and his team to leave. Eli promises Clare that they together will reveal Asher's true colors. In Scream 1 , she goes to Eli to ask if he found out a way to get revenge on Asher, but Eli is busy with the play.

He promises her he will work on it. Clare returns to Eli again and he still doesn't have a plan, but promises again to work on it. The third time, he realizes that all the 'good plans' he had went wrong so they shouldn't sneak into Asher's office, but instead, she should talk to Ms. She refuses but Eli already did and Ms.

Oh is waiting to talk to her. In Building A Mystery 1 , she is informed by Eli that a famous NYU alumni is visiting Degrassi to look for a winning short film, which could up Eli's chances of getting accepted to the school. Later when Eli is at a loss for ideas, she is too busy to help him and suggests that he look to Jake for assistance with the project. In Building A Mystery 2 , when Eli tells her that the short film turned out to be a disaster and explains why, she tells him not to give up and to ask the NYU graduate for the chance to make another short film.

She stills takes them planning to convince Dave to go with her, but fails and gives one of them to Dallas instead. Later, Alli brings her to the cafeteria so Dallas can apologize for crashing her birthday party, and she forgives him. Clare notices his heavy breathing and reminds him that there will be no more math once he's in film school next year.

They both stare at each other lovingly until Clare starts to countdown. Clare tells her that kicking her boyfriend out at sundown is "a little much. Clare says she's all "studied-up. Straight As guaranteed. Clare tells Jake about her mom's rule but he says his dad said that he was okay having Katie over. Katie tries to sneak off to watch TV, but he pulls her back and ends his and Clare's conversation.

The next day, she meets Jake at Degrassi for lunch and gives him a turkey and Swiss sandwich. He agrees and goes back into Degrassi as Clare shouts a "thank-you" to him. Later, Eli is seen at Clare's house sitting next to Jake while she is sitting across from them, doing homework. Helen comes down and she quickly tells them to "do math". Clare wishes her mother good luck at the craft service. She looks at the boys and says she really has to study. However, her mom recollects Clare telling her that she was "all studied-up.

Eli tells her that they tried and kisses Clare goodbye. Jake jokes around, asking her to bring him back a sock monkey. After she returns a while later, Jake is rollerblading around the house as Eli catches up with him, spraying him with air freshener, uncontrollably laughing until Clare walks in. They both stop laughing for a moment as she notes that Eli hadn't left and that Jake has on skates.

Clare slowly realizes that they both smoked pot again, so she send Eli to go splash water on his face and hide in her bedroom while she hides the pot behind her back. Helen walks in asking if Eli went home, and Jake answers yes. Clare gives him a stern look before going up to her bedroom. He says "You told me to go to bed," to which she replies "I told you to go to my bedroom!

Come on! She then asks him how good he is at jumping out of window. Eli stands up from the bed, shirtless, and looks out the window. Right then, Helen walks into her room. Eli silently apologizes to Helen and hurriedly leaves, picking up his shirt and covering his body. Clare tries to explain to her mom that she wasn't sneaking him around, but she mom sees the weed on her bed and quickly assumes that he's a druggie, banning Eli from entering the house.

But Clare then tells her that the weed's Jake's and that he gave it to Eli. Jake slowly rolls to her door and Helen yells at him to take his "damn skates off! This brings Helen and Glen into an argument about whether or not to let Clare adapt to Jake's rules or apply Clare's rules to Jake. Clare uses this advantage, and takes the keys to the truck to pick up Eli from The Dot.

Eli suggests that she should call her back, so Helen knows that she's safe. Eli is now allowed over until 10pm and Clare can use the truck whenever she wants. They share a kiss in celebration. Clare eventually finds out that Eli invaded her privacy when he confesses, and she storms off, angry at him. He quickly apologizes about looking through her diary.

She accepts and tells Eli that she didn't ever love Jake and she is ready to take "the next step. In shock, he tells her not to look and to go find a teacher and call Clare, confused and worried, runs in to the school to go find a teacher. In Ray of Light 1 Clare tries to help Eli get out of his slump by suggesting he edit the video year book. She offers to help him when Fiona and Dallas ask him to put footage of Cam in the video and asks if he wants to talk, but Eli declines both help and a talk. He suggests they party with random people but she is worried he is avoiding talking about his troubles.

So, she asks Fiona to tell Eli he doesn't have to do the video yearbook because she's afraid it's not good for him. When Eli finds out what she told Fiona to do, he gets angry and gets in a fight with Clare. Later, she sees Eli celebrating his interview with NYU, so she walks up to him and talks to him about what happened earlier. She tells him why she did what she did and says he needs to talk more about what happened with Cam. This stresses out Eli and he takes drugs because of it.

While on drugs, Eli showers in the girls changing room fully clothed. When Clare and Alli find him, he strips down nude and starts streaking through the school, which worries Clare even more. The next day, Eli talks to Clare about what happened and tells her they need space because she is the problem in his life. Clare is upset and blames herself for him doing drugs. At the end of the episode, she is seen crying over her break up with Eli. In Zombie 1 , it is revealed that Clare will be running for class president against Drew. Clare then appears at Drew's campaign party, and Drew seems angered that she showed up.

Clare explains to them that he can not take all the voters and that they get "equal rights" to the voters. Clare tells Drew he's immature, and a fight starts. Drew calls out Clare by saying she's only running because she got dumped by Eli. Out of anger, Clare pushes Drew into his kiddie pool, and leaves. In Zombie 2 , Drew helps set up banners and cardboard cutouts of himself in the school. Clare confronts him, and Drew says that he's going to take his campaign seriously. Clare then wishes him good luck in the debate. Dallas tells Drew to not sweat it, and when Drew says he's going to give the students what they want, Dallas says that's perfect.

At the debate, the crowd claps for Clare when she shares her thoughts. Drew then says that he will listen to the students, but the crowd seems bored. Clare then debates, and makes Drew nervous when she says that you can't "please" everyone all the time. Drew talks to Clare about the election, and says she is probably going to win. Clare thinks he would win the popular vote, and Drew wants to be her vice president. Clare is unsure. Drew wins the presidential election, and talks to a crying Clare. Clare is crying not because of the election, but because everything is falling apart.

Drew comforts her, and offers for her to be his vice president. Eli appears, saying he got into NYU. She congratulates him. Eli wants Clare to be his girlfriend again. Clare says that they are not a fairy tale. Eli walks off, and Clare accepts Drew's offer. Clare, Alli, and Jenna prepare for prom together and Clare asks Alli to help her zip up her dress. While zipping up Clare's dress, Alli notices a bump. They joke and say it's cancer, but assume it's just a temporary bump. Clare is told her prom date is at her house and she runs downstairs to greet him, but is surprise to find Eli dressed as a prince and in a carriage instead of Cliff.

However, she does not like the fact Eli showed up. Eli explains, "You said we weren't a fairytale I came to prove you wrong. Cliff says he is Clare's prom date and asks, "Who are you? Clare and Cliff dance together at prom, but Clare starts venting to Cliff about Eli. A remark from Cliff about how he actually finds Eli "dreamy" and wishing to date him himself leads Clare to realize that Cliff is gay.

Eli finds her crying and tells her how he got an assistant job in New York and that they should make the most of their last day together. The two make up and dance together.

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While dancing, Clare suggests they have sex and they go back to the closet, making out. They agree to go to a hotel room, but then hear crying. Clare goes to Alli and Jenna leaving Eli to help Imogen. Clare tells Alli and Jenna that she is going to sleep with Eli and asks for advice, which she later regrets when they overall just say that her first time will be painful and awkward. Clare and Eli make love together that night in a romantic hotel room.

Eli and Clare arrive to Clare's house in the carriage the next morning where Clare's nose starts to bleed. Eli is concerned and asks if he should take her to a doctor. However, she tells Eli she is fine although clearly now concerned about herself. Later at graduation, she talks with Alli and tells her that she's now worried because the bump is more serious than they thought. She explains how her nose spontaneously began to bleed and wouldn't stop, causing her mom to take her to the hospital.

She says that she may have cancer since abnormal bumps and nose bleeding are common symptoms of leukemia cancer. At graduation, Clare is hesitant to tell Eli about the illness, not wanting to ruin their last day together before he has to leave. Instead, she settles for telling him that she doesn't want to stop him from doing things in life. Eli refuses to give up on their relationship and they kiss after the cap tossing and the episode ends.

During her stay at the hospital, Clare's strength crumbles. She packs up her things and begins to leave the hospital. Before she leaves, Clare stops outside her room and goes to sit in a corner to call Eli. Clare leaves a message for Eli and tells him that she knows she told him not to come back home, but asks him to return anyway and that she's scared. Soon after this, Eli appears and says he left right after Clare told him she had cancer. Clare's very nervous about the test which will reveal if her cancer has spread or not. Clare goes to Paula 's room and is told that Paula has passed away that very morning.

Drew dresses up as a doctor and takes Clare to the Degrassi Camp. Clare volunteers to be a counselor for the day and run a relay course with the kids. Halfway through the course, Clare gets sick and throws up. She rests on a bench where the two kids she ran with ask her why she got sick.

She tells them she's sick. The boy, who has a cold, coughs on her without covering his mouth and this causes Clare to panic. She yells at him by saying that she could die from a cold, freaking the kids out. Clare asks Drew to drive her back to the hospital, knowing it isn't safe for her to be out in the world in her condition. Clare shares a group hug with her mother and Eli after hearing the good news: Her cancer hasn't spread!

In Honey , Clare tells Alli on the phone that she'll be out of the hospital soon and has two more sessions of chemo left. She then asks Alli about how she's doing with Leo. Clare tells Alli to live life to the fullest with Leo and get back together with him. When Drew comes out of the auditorium, Clare, along with the others, are shocked that Drew is at school at six o'clock. During the assembly, Drew introduces Clare as part of the Student Council. When Drew faints, Clare calls out to him and tries to help him. Later, during class, Clare and Jenna tries to guess who Alli is going on a date with and think it's Dallas though Alli tells them that it's not and that she will let them know if it will work out.

Clare decides for a vote for tomorrow and Drew agrees. Clare shows him a delivery order forum. Clare learns from Jenna that Leo abused Alli by grabbing her wrist and leaving a bruise. Clare tries to warn Alli but Alli refuses to listen. Later, at another Student Council meeting, Clare sees some younger girls that Drew has brought to the meeting.

Clare asks Drew what all those "little girls" are doing in the council meeting. Drew says he filled some open positions and that they are the new council members. Clare proposes her texting and driving campaign which receives 8 votes and Drew proposes his Degrassi beach bash dance which receives 9 votes. Drew asks the council members if they are ready to party and Clare asks "what is this?

Clare tells Drew that if he is going to run student council this way then he's on his own. Clare also states that he better get some sleep because it will be hard to control all these "children". Clare tries to break up Alli and Jenna's mini feud, by asking her questions about Leo. Alli continues to say that he is a good guy, and that Jenna doesn't know him well enough to say otherwise. Clare comes up with a proposal for Alli to invite Leo to the dance, so that they can see for themselves if he is a good choice for their friend.

Alli starts asking questions to Leo about himself to break the awkward silence.